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Developmental Disabilities Division


• Programa de Apoyo Familiar
• Programa de reembolso a familias
• Programa Libre de Gluteína y Caseína
• Alternativos de Residencias para Individuos
• Coordinación de Servicios de Medicaid
• Vivienda de Asistencia Individualizada (IRA)
• Servicios de Apoyo Individual
• Programa de Cuidado Familiar
• Programa de Habilitación durante el día
• Programa de Apoyo en el empleo
• Servicios Pre-Vocacionales (Fashion Works)


Contact Information:

214 Clifford Avenue
Rochester, NY 14621
Phone: (585) 544-7064
Fax: (585) 442-0683

Other Locations:
Children’s Home
Nicholas Home
Blossom Road
Clifford Avenue
Culver Road
Dwyer Home
Lake Avenue
Northland Avenue
Seneca Pkwy
Ramona Pkwy




Developmental Disabilities Division

The division provides residential alternative housing, advocacy, job coaching, pre-vocational services and day habilitation for people with developmental disabilities. Services provided include 24-hour staffing
and onsite nursing services.

Employment, Vocational, Residential and Community Services

Day Habilitation

Program teaches adults with developmental disabilities life skills so they can integrate into society.

Family Reimbursement

Provides and facilitates a family living environment for developmentally disabled individuals. It assists them with their basic needs which helps them increase their independence.

Supported Employment

The program’s goal is to provide full access to employment through the provision of individual support services for people who have historically been excluded from employment or unable to maintain a job. It identifies prospective employers, assesses client’s job skill level, places clients based on skill level, develops the necessary skills to maintain placement and monitors placement by visiting the client at his place of employment.

Family Support

Designed to ensure that developmentally disabled individuals remain at home within the family environment and ensures participation in available programs. Includes advocacy, referral, follow-up, support groups and educational workshops.

Medicaid Service Coordination

Links developmentally disabled individuals and their families with services and programs available in the area to help with their specific disability.

Supportive IRA’s

Address the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities with a complete continuum of residential care and support. Each individual receives an appropriate level of supervision and Individualize habilitation service plan supporting skill development, increase independence and greater participation in community life.

Individual Support Services

Program helps developmentally disabled individuals that live alone cope with day-to-day life requirements.

Community Habilitation Program

Services are provided within the person’s current living environment and in various community locations. We serve both adults and teenagers. Our services are based on identified goals of the individuals and their families. We promote: hygiene, self care, meal planning, meal preparation, comparison shopping, household management, reading, writing skills, money management, community inclusion, social skills, and fire evacuation. We currently offer bilingual services (English and Spanish). We tailor our services to meet the culturally sensitive needs of the Latino community.